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Our duty of care

Saturnery is an environmentally conscious stationery and paper-goods
company and is the vision of chief star-gazer, Zoe Patterson. 

Saturnery was born out of the desire to buy Australian-made notebooks that were printed on Australian recycled paper, look stunning and didn’t cost the earth. 

Saturnery work with a team of amazing designers and manufacturing specialists who are out of this world! Our notebooks are designed and printed in Australia using only vegetable-based ink and our paper has been chosen for its excellent environmental accreditations that tick all the boxes. 


You can trust Saturnery notebooks are 100% recycled and manufactured
from FSC® fibre and Certified Carbon Neutral by the Department of
Environment under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). 

We are dedicated to supporting Australian industry and manufacturing.
Presently, most recycled paper in Australia comes from offshore but our paper
is made in Australia by an ISO 14001 certified mill and is 100% recycled from
post consumer recycled pulp. No nasty chlorine bleaching occurs in the recycling process and we print using waterless printing technology to ensure our emissions are as low as possible. Tick, tick and tick! 

SPI_australianmade_Black [Converted].png

Australian Made


Chlorine free

SPI_recycledcontent_Black [Converted].pn

100% recycled


Forest managed 

SPI_renewable_energy_black [Converted].p

Renewable energy

Certified_Carbon_Neutral_Black [Converte

Certified carbon neutral

SPI_ISOCertified_Black [Converted].png

ISO certification

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