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Meet Zoe

Chief Star Gazer

Hi there! I'm Zoe and I started Saturnery in 2018. I am a busy mum of two who wants to share my passion for beautiful paper goods with the world.

I have worked in the publishing and design industry my entire career and I loved every moment but I had a burning desire to work for myself on my own creative project. This desire fuelled my passion and finally I made the leap to create a sustainable stationery brand I've always dreamed of. As they say, 'shoot for the stars and you’ll reach the moon'.
Or, in my case, Saturn.


I am very proud to run an Australian business that supports amazing local talent and manufacturing and has a strong environmental focus.

My Quiz Results

Yeah, we're doing this old-school Cosmo-quiz style!

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up?

a. Train driver

b. Astronaut

c. Rock star

d. Painter


2.  If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Does coffee count?

3.  What is your favourite title?

a. Boss Lady

b. Mum

c. Wife

d. All of the above


4.  Over dressed or under dressed?

Casually overdressed

5.  I won't leave the house without...

a. My lippy

b. A book to read

c. Phone

d. Notepad and pen


6.  Best Australian film?

a. Crocodile Dundee

b. Australia

c. Murials Wedding

d. The Castle

e. Other

The Dress Maker


7.  Someday I want to...

Spend my time star-gazing and travelling the globe with my little family by my side.

8.  My happy place is...

a. Beach side, staring to where the sky meets the ocean

b. Scaling mountains, finding new heights

c. City dwelling in the culture of the concrete jungle

d. Forest trekking, losing track of time in the green unknown


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